Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of processors do you use?

Most of our processors are Intel Core i7 with 4 cores / 8 threads 4GHz 16GB RAM. When a processor frequecy is regulated for thermal reasons, the amount invoiced is proportional (e.g. a processor throttled 50% speed is invoiced €0.125/h).

Do you offer a storage service?

By default, your account comes with 10GB of storage for your projects. Get in touch with us if you are interested in complementary storage services.

How is security performed on your platform? Will my files remain private?

Qarnot computing platform integrates state-of-the-art security modules for encryption and authentication to propose an end-to-end protection of our data :
  • The REST API is accessible through HTTPS or leased line
  • All distribution and computing nodes implement TLS/IPSEC with client authentication
  • Digital heater computing nodes are stateless (no storage)
So your files will remain confidential at all times. To guarantee performance and total insulation to our clients, each computing node is fully dedicated to a single client task: we provide a bare metal infrastructure.
  • The Q.ware automates the in-memory booting process and the bootstrap of the predefined container, called the payload
  • Most payloads are based on Docker containers but can also run virtual machine appliances
  • The Q.ware mounts all data resources involved in task execution
  • Once the task is over, no data remains in the computing node

What does 'best effort' computing mean?

Best effort computing means we designed our distributing platform, the Q.ware, to ensure maximum performance to all users. The resources available for a given task may vary throughout the day, meaning that a task may be queued if all processors are used, and upon availability, as many resources as possible will be attributed to your task. But we designed the program to maximize performance and optimize waiting time for everyone. However, task priorities are configurable. For specific priority needs, please contact us.

What 3D softwares are you compatible with?

Our rendering service for Blender is already available online

We are working on partnerships with other software editors. If you are interested in using another 3D rendering software, please get in touch.

What is included in the basic price?

Pay-as-you-go €0.25 per CPU/h.
Billing per second.
No storage & network fees.

Can I purchase a pack and pay monthly?


If you do so, your discount at the end of the month will be calculated on your account balance.

Can I pay in €, $ or £?

Billing is issued directly in Euros.

Are taxes included in your price? What country does it apply to?

Our prices do not include VAT. VAT is applicable for EU-based customers (without VAT number) and French based companies (with VAT number).

Do I pay for the compute when there is a shortage / when my task is shut down?

If you opted for monthly billing, your task will never be shut down by our system.

If you use prepaid packs, you get an alert in order to re-fill your account. Making sure that you have enough credit to complete your computations is upon your responsibility.

How much support am I entitled to?

E-mail support is available to everyone and accessible via the ‘Qarnot console’.