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High performance computing for financial simulation, CFD, molecular docking...

Simulate any kind of behaviour: physical, chemical, financial, human...

Qarnot computing allows us to perform multiple, complex aerodynamic simulations. This drastically cuts down the duration of our design iterations and will fast-track our market entry.
― Ascendance FT

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Qarnot has chosen Docker to deploy the computation.

You can either choose an existing image or bring your own.

Example of supported software

Code Saturne

Example of simulations with Qarnot

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Power of HPC with budget control

No need to choose between power, saving the planet or saving your budget: have it all!


Prices from 0.125 € / hour / CPU*

*4 cores – 8 GB of RAM  – pre-emptible
Default storage: 10 GB




  • +10% over €100
  • +20% over €1,000
  • +30% over €10,000


Upload time and provisioning are not billed.
Billing per second.

High security standards

All sites are based in Europe (and mostly in France) with secure access.

  • Access to a dedicated PaaS that avoids human risk of data leakage.
  • Data is not persisted on the platform and is end-to-end encrypted.
  • Bare-metal infrastructures (only one client per machine).
  • No exposition of the nodes on the Internet.
  • Each core is rebooted between each client.
  • Several security audits led by clients of the banking sector.
  • ISO 27001 certification under progress.

A truly ecological platform

Qarnot Computing is a pioneer of ecological computing: since 2010, we have been reusing the heat generated by the servers.
Your computation heat homes (mostly social housings), buildings and warehouses.

You can easily reduce the carbon footprint of your computation by 75%

A unique expertise

Qarnot Computing can compute any kind of simulation or Computational Fluids Dynamics (CFD) tasks for clients
from all sectors of activity: industry, automotive, biotech, transportation…
Our dedicated team of engineers can guide you and answer any specific request.

They trust us