A sustainable infrastructure by design

Your computations heat air or water in buildings

We have been seduced by this revolutionary idea that reconciles technology and ecology.
― BNP Paribas

Qarnot's infrastructure: a paradigm shift

  • Use of existing spaces: no need to build a dedicated construction
  • Thousands of servers dispatched with immediate heat recovery for local use (housing, offices, warehouses)
  • No air conditioning / ventilation


With tens of thousands cores, mostly equipped with AMD processors, Qarnot has the largest distributed and ecological infrastructure in Europe. 

Computing Clusters
Computing Clusters
The cluster is fully powered with green energy provided by Green Yellow, subsidiary of Casino. The heat is sent to logistics warehouses (for people’s comfort and to preserve the goods from humidity).

Negative carbon footprint*

*Estimation made on the site of Réau. Decrease of natural gas consumption and partial substitution with low carbon electricity.
The computing heater
The computing heater

It embeds processors and computation is distributed where the heat is needed, thanks to the Q.WARE, the software platform developed by Qarnot.



Heat recovery: 100%

The digital boiler
The digital boiler

It also embeds processors and computation enables to heat water at 60°C.




Heat recovery: up to 96%

We help you reduce your impact... and measure it!

Our team of engineers can provide you with facts and figures about your own consumption and your energy savings compared with other existing infrastructures.

Services that fight against energy precariousness

The waste heat is distributed in buildings for free: Qarnot takes over the electricity billing of the people equipped with its products.
80% of the computing heaters heat homes, all of them being social housings.

Concrete examples


In France, at the end of 2020, Qarnot provides free heating and wi-fi access to 300 social housings but also schools and offices. In Nantes, boilers are used in public baths for homeless people.

In Finland, Qarnot’s digital heaters are integrated to the local heat network of Vatajankoski.

They heat about 10,000 homes in the city of Kankaanpää.


In France, Qarnot will deploy a similar heating network with the support of Engie.

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