Welcome to Qarnot Computing documentation! Get familiar with the Qarnot computing features with a first distributed hello worlds example. Let's dive in!

Hello worlds

  1. Create a Qarnot account and retrieve your personal API token,
  2. Download and install the python SDK,
  3. Launch a distributed 'hello world' script:
import qarnot
conn = qarnot.connection.Connection(client_token="xxxx_mytoken_xxxx")
task = conn.create_task('helloworld', 'docker-batch', 4)
task.constants['DOCKER_CMD'] = 'echo hello world from node ${INSTANCE_ID}!'


1> hello world from node 1!
3> hello world from node 3!
0> hello world from node 0!
2> hello world from node 2!

What happened? After opening a connection using your API token, you created a task of 4 frames that will launch 'ubuntu' docker containers retrieved from Docker Hub. Each container will use the ${INSTANCE_ID} parameter to output a string using this parameter.

To test this script, you just have to remplace xxxxmytokenxxxx with your API token.

Next steps