Get Started

The Qarnot Account SSO allows you to create a Qarnot account, which you can use throughout the Qarnot ecosystem, including the parallel payload processing.

In this document, we will walk though your Qarnot account creation and show you how to retrieve your personal API token. The API token allows you to communicate with the Qarnot's computing APIs, that could be found in the Qarnot console.

Create a Qarnot account

  1. Go to the Qarnot Account SSO,
  2. Click Register,
  3. Fill the form,
  4. Click Create.
  5. Activate your account from your emails to receive 15 EUR of free credits.

Retrieve your personal API token

  1. Sign in to the Qarnot Account SSO,
  2. Navigate to the compute page then API Token,
  3. Hit the SHOW MY TOKEN button to reveal hit.

Your API token should be kept safely.

Be careful about not leaking the token on public scripts or source code.

The token can be renewed in your Qarnot Account SSO interface.