Error codes

namespace code friendly_code message troubleshooting
qnet YNDSQ3A7 SES_IS_CLOSING The task is attached to a session that is closing
qnet JGWAAJKM RSLT_DOWNLOAD_FAILED Result download failed
qnet 0ZTNT4SA RSRC_DOWNLOAD_FAILED Resource download failed
qnet IDLOCC2L NO_SES_FOR_TSK The task is attached to a session that doesn't exist
qnet AM8GBW2A TSK_TIMED_OUT The task timed out
qnet 8MN9UWHC RSLT_UPLOAD_ERROR Result upload error
qnet EGWBYPF9 NET_CONFIG_FAILED Network configuration failed
qnet 01JJDG51 USER_CMD_EXEC_FAILED Command execution failed
qnet GHX0782I TSK_CANCELLED The task was cancelled
qnet NGDPI2N1 MAX_FAILED_FRAMES_EXCEEDED Max failed frames exceeded The number of failed frames exceeds the allowed number, so the task was stopped.
qnet M5PG5HPB TSK_WALL_TIME_EXCEEDED Wall time exceeded The task exceeded its allowed wall time, so it was cancelled
qnet 3WQ4E6Q3 TSK_DISPATCH_TIMEOUT No frame of the task could be dispatched before reaching the timeout There may be no available CPUs, try again later
qnet J6OOG19O SES_INACTIVITY_TIMEOUT Session has been inactive too long The session has been inactive for a long time and is automatically closing
qnet 19WPZKOM MISSING_BOOT_RESOURCES Missing boot resources
qnet I22HYDBY CMD_INTERRUPTED The command was interrupted before completion
qnet 70TVEYEF DOCKER_IMG_TOO_BIG Docker image too big
qnet 9G2AAAWV DOCKER_CANNOT_GET_MANIFEST Cannot get docker manifest
qnet 85T8471F DOCKER_CANNOT_DOWNLOAD_LAYER Cannot download docker layer
qnet BEYET4ZX DOCKER_CANNOT_GET_INFO Cannot get docker image information
qnet H0OMYRML CANNOT_MODIFY_SES_CONSTANT Cannot modify this session constant in a task
qnet 3N82THUM READ_ONLY_CONSTANT Cannot modify read-only constant
qnet AUC1PEUL NO_MORE_CREDITS You ran out of credits
qnet T692BKIY MISSING_EXPECTED_RSLT An expected result is missing
qnet AR9A7GFF INVALID_CONSTANT_FORMAT Constant value violates format restrictions
qnet T0W68CSH CONSTANT_TOO_LONG Constant name is too long
qnet M73M8WG7 CONSTANT_NAME_EMPTY Constant name must not be null or empty
qnet 0N0T5RES CONSTRAINT_NAME_EMPTY Constraint name must not be null or empty
qnet FZRGBHLP INSTANCE_NOT_RUNNING The requested instance is not running
qnet R30YP2J2 INSTANCE_OUT_OF_RANGE The requested instance is out of range
qnet MGYQRCTQ VARIABLE_SUBSTITUTION_ERROR Variable substitution failed
qnet OMLVM0F7 INVALID_ELASTIC_SETTINGS "Invalid settings for the elastic session
qnet JP07VVZI INVALID_CHARACTERS_IN_TASK_DESCRIPTION Some fields of the task (constants, resources), contains unsupported characters. Possibly utf16/utf32 encoding, control characters like \b or weird utf8 characters
storage-cache VNRHU8YL RESOURCES_TOO_BIG Your resources are too big to be downloaded
storage-cache 9FO2FNXI DOCKER_DOWNLOAD_ERROR Error while downloading a Docker image
storage-cache GZNXQTEG DOCKER_UNSUPPORTED_AUTHENTICATION_METHOD The Docker registry uses an unsupported authentication method
storage-cache J5UVY7HI DOCKER_INVALID_CREDENTIALS Invalid credentials given for docker registry
storage-cache 9VBS3474 DOCKER_IMG_NOT_FOUND Docker image not found
storage-cache UTA35GRN TOO_MANY_FILES_TO_TRANSFER Too many files to transfer
storage-cache 1ULDUW06 STORAGE_QUOTA_EXCEEDED Your storage quota is exceeded
storage-cache 59ECCASF UNSUPPORTED_TRANSFER_TYPE The transfer type is not supportedd
storage-cache 265N4ZAS INVALID_S3_ACCESS_KEY Invalid S3 access key
storage-cache QHY37KCR INVALID_S3_SECRET_KEY Invalid S3 secret key
storage-cache U5EWWKTI INVALID_S3_BUCKET_NAME Invalid S3 bucket name Note: bucket names must be unique
storage-cache GF1ZDNN7 TRANSFER_TIMEOUT Your resources are too big to be downloaded