Error codes

namespace code friendly_code message troubleshooting
qnet YNDSQ3A7 SES_IS_CLOSING The task is attached to a session that is closing
qnet JGWAAJKM RSLT_DOWNLOAD_FAILED Result download failed
qnet 0ZTNT4SA RSRC_DOWNLOAD_FAILED Resource download failed
qnet IDLOCC2L NO_SES_FOR_TSK The task is attached to a session that doesn't exist
qnet AM8GBW2A TSK_TIMED_OUT The task timed out
qnet 8MN9UWHC RSLT_UPLOAD_ERROR Result upload error
qnet EGWBYPF9 NET_CONFIG_FAILED Network configuration failed
qnet 01JJDG51 USER_CMD_EXEC_FAILED Command execution failed
qnet GHX0782I TSK_CANCELLED The task was cancelled
qnet NGDPI2N1 MAX_FAILED_FRAMES_EXCEEDED Max failed frames exceeded The number of failed frames exceeds the allowed number, so the task was stopped.
qnet M5PG5HPB TSK_WALL_TIME_EXCEEDED Wall time exceeded The task exceeded its allowed wall time, so it was cancelled
qnet 3WQ4E6Q3 TSK_DISPATCH_TIMEOUT No frame of the task could be dispatched before reaching the timeout There may be no available CPUs, try again later
qnet J6OOG19O SES_INACTIVITY_TIMEOUT Session has been inactive too long The session has been inactive for a long time and is automatically closing