Docker application

Docker is an innovative technology to easily package, deploy and run your applications. It is the world’s leading software containerization platform. Moreover a wide variety of containers already exists and are freely available on Docker Hub. And most of them are already Qarnot ready!

Docker profiles

Two profiles are currently available to run a Docker container:

  1. docker-batch: use this profile to run batch process that don't need internet connection
  2. docker-network: use this profile to run daemons or workers that require an internet access.


Name Description Default
DOCKER_CMD The command to run in the container /bin/true
DOCKER_REPO Docker image to use library/ubuntu
DOCKER_TAG Docker tag latest
DOCKER_USER The user the command will be run as root
DOCKER_HOST The hostname inside the container
DOCKER_REGISTRY_LOGIN Your login on the Docker Hub, if you want to use your private Docker images
DOCKER_REGISTRY_PASSWORD Your password on the Docker Hub, if you want to use your private Docker images

The ENTRYPOINT and CMD directives from youer Dockerfiles are honored. What you set in DOCKER_CMD is passed as argument to the entrypoint if it's not empty, and you can leave DOCKER_CMD empty to use the CMD from your Dockerfile. You can think of it as if we were running docker run -it $DOCKER_REPO:$DOCKER_TAG $DOCKER_CMD in a shell.