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Intuitive API

  • Start/stop tasks, monitor progress, instances, logs and usage
  • Upload, download and manage resources and results
  • Track your account balance and quotas
  • Configure task notifications
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import qarnot
conn = qarnot.connection.Connection(client_token = 'token')
task = conn.create_task('hello world', 'ubuntu')
task.constants['DOCKER_CMD'] = 'echo hello world from ${INSTANCE_ID}!'

Powerful SDK

  • Python & Node.js versions, more coming soon!
  • Advanced features : directory and file synchronization, interactive progress and much more...

User-friendly Console

  • Manage tasks : monitor progress, instances, logs, usage and expenses
  • Manage, visualize and download resources and results
  • Keep an eye on your account balance and quotas
  • Re-charge your account by credit cards or Paypal
  • Track your expenses and tasks history
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Flexible Applications

  • You can use your own application running inside Docker containers
  • You can use Qarnot’s optimized platform applications / applications optimized for Qarnot’s platform : Blender, R, Gromacs, Autodock, OpenFOAM...
  • You can also use public Docker containers
  • For specific needs, our R&D team can help you fit your existing applications in Docker containers

Maximum performance, Minimum impact

carbon footprint
per CPU/Hour
cores available
user experience

Cost Effective Pricing

€0.25 per CPU/Hour

4 cores CPU @ 4GHz + 16GB RAM
Default storage: 10 GB

Per-second billing

Every task is invoiced by second of effective computing, you pay only what you consume, not a second more!

Adapted to your needs

Choose between prepaid packs and monthly invoice, or both!
Prepaid Packs
for limited usage
check Per-second billing
check €0.25 per CPU/Hour
check Progressive bonuses
+10% over €100
+20% over €1000
+30% over €10000
Monthly billing
for regular usage
check Per-second billing
check €0.25 per CPU/Hour
check Progressive bonuses
-10% over €100/month
-20% over €1000/month
-30% over €10000/month
Prepaid Packs
for limited usage
Monthly billing
for regular usage
Per-second billing check check
€0.25 per CPU/Hour check check
Progressive bonuses +10% over €100
+20% over €1000
+30% over €10000
-10% over €100/month
-20% over €1000/month
-30% over €10000/month
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Green Computing

The heat generated by all the data centers in the world doubles every 5 years but could already heat half of Europe’s households. The need for more computing power and the Internet of Things (IoT) will force organizations to aggregate data in multiple distributed mini data centers. Toward 2020, the industry asks for more energy efficient. Skyrocketing needs in computing power call for drastically more energy efficient alternative models to data centers.

Qarnot designed and operates the Q.rad, the first computing heater using embedded microprocessors as heat source. Totally silent, it gets computing instructions through the Internet. The heat produced by computing provides then free and efficient heating for residential, office and public buildings. Qarnot offers a cloud computing service through a fully distributed infrastructure where computing power is deployed no longer in concentrated data centers, but split throughout the city in the form of Q.rads.

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